A collection of our favorite recipes

Staying at home with the babes has allowed me the time to try a bunch of recipes for both her AND daddy (lucky them!).  Now, mind you, this baby would probably eat liver if I put it in front of her….oh wait, she already has happily eaten that at Passover!  We have been blessed with the least picky baby and she will eat literally ANYTHING…hopefully that lasts!  She had a short stint of turning her head to green beans, but a few days later we tried again and she happily gobbled them all up.

Disclaimer 1:  Just because my garbage pail kid eats these recipes all up, don’t blame me if your slightly more normal baby doesn’t!

Picture below indicates Reesie’s obsession with scrambled eggs….mommy NOT obsessed with sticky mess all over baby and floor…insert Oscar the dog to clean it all up…


Disclaimer 2:  Though I would like to say otherwise, I have NO clue how to come up with recipes on my own.  I so wish I could be one of those people who could just throw a pinch of this and a pinch of that and so comes together the most amazing meal.  NO.  I am basically married to pinterest and I admit, measuring spoons are my best friend.  I enjoy sitting down Monday morning while Reesie happily plays with her toys (sometimes!) and perusing pinterest to pick out the meals for the week.  I rarely make the same meal twice and I actually use most of the recipes that are pinned on my page- unlike the many pinterest addicts I hear about that pin 10,000 things they think they will do, but never get around to.  I usually pick out three meals, leaving ample time for happy hour and fun nights out with baby and daddy for the other days- a perfect balance.  AND, drum roll, I actually LIKE going to the grocery store and purchasing the ingredients.  Does anyone hate me yet?  Reesie likes the grocery store too; smiling at all the little old ladies as they pinch her cheeks and get a little too close to her personal space. See her below as she anxiously awaits the time she can beg for all the sugared cereal and impulse buyers delights in the check out aisle…..lord help me!


Now for some great recipes we have tried and loved…

BABY! (AND mommy and daddy too!)

feel better soup

apple and oat pancakes

tuna melt

Banana Muffins


PS- we eat relatively low carb (when we eat at home…dining out is a WHOLE other story!) and are obsessed with substituting cauliflower based items for mostly anything, using low carb wraps for burritos and tacos, and replacing noodles with a veggie swap (think zucchini, carrots, beets, etc.). These swaps still create deliciously yummy AND healthy recipes.

We just recently tried Edamame and Mung Bean fettuccine.  Super high in protein and super low in carbs—-a great pasta swap if you ask me.  Sean is still getting used to the idea!  Edamame Fettuccine

Used it in a version of this recipe (replaced chicken with tofu because that is what I had on hand): asian noodle bowl

Some other great recipes we have tried:

Indian Frankies

Smoky mushroom tacos

zucchini meatballs

coconut flour tortillas

tomato basil bisque

chicken cordon blue

cheeseburger mac attack

cabbage steaks


cloud bread


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